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XY takes a comprehensive approach to information security, offering complete control whatever the data storage solution used, ensuring data protection and confidentiality at all stages (at end points, in transit, and during storage) and maintaining visibility on all activities performed on the data (including filtering by users or activity).

XY has developed innovative methodologies for gathering, processing and correlating large amounts of usage data, automatically identifying anomalies and enabling critical decision-making regarding ever-evolving digital threats. Rigorous controls are applied to each technological component so that risks such as cyber-attacks and privacy or data breaches can be prevented and managed in the most effective way.

XY’s information security framework relies on a state of the art security infrastructure, including perimeter protection platforms, malware protection platforms, intrusion protection platforms and data protection platforms.

Layered ‘security rings’ to ensure an ultimate data protection strategy

Internal and external user security is performed with multi-factor authentication, password policies, user roles and full auditing capabilities. Data protection at the end points is achieved with strong encryption of local files, remote wipe and device pinning.

Network security ensures confidentiality and protection of data in transit through the use of the TLS protocol and encryption. XY data center’s surveillance, biometric access and continuous threat assessment control provide confidentiality, integrity and availability of stored data. Last but not least, contents are secured with encryption, real-time data loss prevention mechanisms, group-level data isolation and other content security best practices.

Ultimate data protection
Clients play in their own ‘sandboxes’ in full security and confidentiality

Over these security layers, XY's scientists have built an innovative information security framework named SCA (Sandbox Client Approach): a custom capsule (sandbox) is created for each of XY's clients containing all their personal information (such as estate data, documents, reports, e-mails) and granting the ultimate confidentiality and protection.

Nowadays, this approach is considered state-of-the-art because it allows the client’s data to persist everywhere (on XY premises, in the cloud, etc.) while ensuring that only authorized people (for instance, selected individuals at the client side) can access their information according to a deep-layered and sophisticated set of customized rules. The SCA isolates the client data so that it is always managed safely and independently, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to or loss of the data.

A central and flexible ‘databank’ approach to maintain complete control on information

At the heart of XY’s technology infrastructure is a central and flexible databank. The entire security framework is monitored by a central operation support center where IT security specialists, empowered by artificial intelligence algorithms, oversee, through a multi-screen alerting system, the overall state of data protection.

The centralized databank approach enables the use of standardized methods and improves quality and consistency of risk management processes across XY for the benefit of each individual client. At the same time, XY’s approach provides a single source for audit necessary when rules, policies, methods and procedures need to be further improved.