XY’s highly qualified professionals bring to fruition distinct specializations in top-management consulting, financial services and estate architectures, as well as quantum physics, applied mathematics, software and information technology. As an innovative and fast-growing company, XY is expanding its international footprint and teams, addressing the requirements of an ever-growing number of large estate owners through a highly skilled, effectively trained and experienced staff complement.

At the heart of XY’s people development philosophy is XY Academy, an innovative platform which grants access to all development and advanced training programs available to all employees. These include and cover key disciplines such as financial instruments and high-frequency measures, estate architectures and implications on governance, real assets and evaluation criteria, stochastic methodologies applied to wealth management, client board preparation and conduction, effective communication and many more.


XY Hubs

Consultants at Work

Consultants at work

Global estate orchestration services are delivered by a unique team of XY consultants specialized in investment strategy, overall coordination and large estate monitoring.


Experts at Hand

Experts at hand

Top level expertise in disciplines such as economy and financial markets, estate architecture and governance, big data management and analysis is furthermore provided by XY experts.

XY Labs

Scientists in House

Scientists in house

Cutting edge databases, algorithms and applications for estate orchestration are all developed in-house by world-class scientists collaborating for many years at XY LABs in Switzerland.