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XY is a dynamic company and desirable employer offering unique career opportunities for high-achieving undergraduates and advanced degree holders, as well as for experienced professionals.

As a disruptive innovator in the wealth management ecosystem and as a challenger of the opinion-led decision making typical of the modern world, our formula for success is very simple: creating a supportive culture where people with unique talents and out-of-the-ordinary abilities are attracted and encouraged to excel at what they do.

A unique opportunity for developing your talent

When you join XY, you will have the opportunity to work alongside many influential experts in disciplines ranging from finance and economics, from science and technology, to engineering and mathematics and many others. Like many of our consultants, experts and scientists who have joined XY, you will enjoy exploring multiple, thought-provoking and stimulating topics. The lessons you will learn from being exposed to different areas of expertise, coupled with the problem-solving skills you will develop tackling XY’s business challenges, will serve as a solid foundation on which to build increasing competencies and gain growing responsibilities within the company.

A work environment for extraordinary people

XY is made up of extraordinarily talented and skilled individuals, with a collective passion for knowledge and results, transparency and consensus. The work environment and the company policies are designed to drive people to succeed while encouraging their professional achievements and personal development on a daily basis. At XY, talents are proud of their reputation for taking work very seriously yet also creating an environment in which everyone can thrive and enjoy a close fellowship. Last but not least, top class XY Academy courses complement on-the-job-training in each department.

Why join a revolutionary and rational player such as XY?

When the owners of the world's largest fortunes look for help with the most complex challenges their estates face, they call XY. Today, the company is at the top of its field, helping ultra-high net worth individuals and their families, corporations and governments calling for a break-through in their estate orchestration paradigm to create a sustainable change. This business concept creates a dynamic and innovative working environment where curiosity and transparency are core values, and results and commitment are considered and rewarded.

For job opportunities, please submit your CV in English to recruitment@xy.net
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