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    Real Value.  Real Time.

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    Global Estate Orchestration

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    The Value of Rationality

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    An Independent Referee


XY is a pioneering technology company specialized in independent data intelligence and strategy consulting services for high-end wealth management, providing global estate orchestration for families, corporate organizations and governments.

XY’s game-changing approach unleashes powerful financial technology in the sole interest of estate owners, with unique capabilities ranging from real-time reporting to predictive simulations.



Establishing control and transparency in wealth management with independent data intelligence and investment advisory for ultra-high net worth individuals with or without a single family office.



Bringing real-time supervision and tailor-made solutions in the governing of corporate financial assets of great magnitude, as well as the implementation of risk policies with a powerful decision support system.



Augmenting government development policies with an integrated and scientific approach to data analysis through innovative, tailor-made technologies, as well as strategy consulting for public funds.


XY Hubs

Consultants at Work

Consultants at work

Global estate orchestration services are delivered by a unique team of XY consultants specialized in investment strategy, overall coordination and large estate monitoring.


Experts at Hand

Experts at hand

Top level expertise in disciplines such as economy and financial markets, estate architecture and governance, big data management and analysis is furthermore provided by XY experts.

XY Labs

Scientists in House

Scientists in house

Cutting edge databases, algorithms and applications for estate orchestration are all developed in-house by world-class scientists collaborating for many years at XY LABs in Switzerland.



XY’s innovative knowledge platform, EVA, bridges the technology divide between suppliers and clients of wealth management services with respect to real-time access to information and big data processing capabilities. EVA, working exclusively in the interest of estate owners, offers infinite possibilities of customization and an all-new user experience.

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XY Group

The capitals of finance

XY has established offices in major financial centers such as London, Zürich and New York, and is expanding the international footprint of its operations with branch offices in four continents.

XY people
XY People

A perfect mix of skills

At XY, the complementary skills and backgrounds which its remarkable teams of consultants, experts and scientists bring to the mix, provide a competitive edge that builds on the advantage of XY’s disruptive technologies.

Commitment to transparency and independence

Commitment to transparency and independence

XY operates in line with the highest quality standards and is committed to transparency and independence in all aspects of its work in accordance with its Code of Ethics and framework for working with all internal and external parties without conflict of interest. Ethical conduct is a hallmark of any profession and XY encourages the highest professional standards in this regard.

The company requires all its employees to comply with the code’s cornerstone principles, which form the basis of XY’s Code of Ethics, specifying the expected conduct when working with other people: handling business negotiations, addressing customer feedback, dealing with negative events, managing diversity situations, which requires a strong sense of what is right and wrong.