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XY’s Younique


The laboratories of XY are located in Switzerland as a centralized unit carrying out all research and development activities for the company. The scientific team has many years of experience as in-house resource developing XY’s technologies. XY LABS’ mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists continually develop and operate the technology with the best-in-class methodologies making use of XY’s proprietary databases as a basis, in great depth and in an innovative way, and keeping full control end-to-end.

Exclusive and growing data backbone

Over the years, XY has developed processes and a network for instant collection of client data from local and international financial institutions. Where possible, XY is partner of international standard data exchange networks, such as Swift. The client data feed encompasses sophisticated error control mechanisms and feedback loops to the transmitting parties. This data backbone acts as a sort of huge data warehouse harnessing the power of XY analytics to address fact-based and rational decision support in wealth management.

Quality check on high volumes of data

Data are reconciled on a daily basis to ensure quality measurement and full verification of costs, taxes and other flows. The massive volumes of external data gathered from the backbone are compared with internal data calculated by proprietary models. The technology identifies any possible inconsistency among data feeding the process of investigation and resolution in real-time. The entire process requires a huge amount of processing power unleashed by advanced algorithms developed in house.

Cutting edge algorithms
Cutting edge algorithms to clarify the complexity

Adhering to scientific principles means being objective, having criteria and methods, and taking into account only findings that are always the product of an analytical process. XY’s proprietary groundbreaking algorithms have been developed for in-depth analysis of assets, liabilities and cash flows. As a result, XY can answer important questions for the estate owner. Such questions provide an instant and forward look to wealth, understanding for instance what the nature of risk is and its drivers.

Presenting certified information in visually appealing ways

XY’s customized software interfaces and client terminals likewise bring innovation to the way certified data are processed. Thanks to XY’s well-proven standard operating procedures, the data available in real-time for the visualization present a factual and correct representation of the wealth status.

The information becomes available on mobile or desktop devices with secure, easy and fast navigation. Tailor-made cockpits with a wealth of user-friendly functionalities support real-time alerting and notification.