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XY augments government development policies with an integrated and scientific approach to big data analysis through innovative, tailor-made technologies, as well as strategy consulting for public funds of more than 100 billion USD.

For public funds, XY carries out large-scale technology integration projects, bringing its methodology to bear in any type of national economic development scenario, such as encouraging private sector development, enabling development of infrastructure, securing the supply of energy, fostering environmental sustainability and so on.

These integration projects see the code of XY’s suite of proprietary algorithms directly interfaced with multiple and heterogeneous systems in order to create a custom-designed, government-specific data intelligence platform supporting economic development by leveraging big data.

Key questions for governments:

  • What is the framework defined to measure the achievements?
  • To which economic and financial risk factors is the asset base exposed?
  • What is the level of sensitivity on the value of single and overall investments in different scenarios?
  • What is the impact of an acquisition or the dismissal of a participation?
  • How can assets be monitored and the relevant information be presented on a regular basis?
  • What culture of risk management should be enforced between participating entities?