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XY consulting services are enriched by the focused contribution coming from a number of specialist knowledge units (SKUs), which support XY consultants in key topic areas such as economy and financial markets, estate architecture and governance, big data management and analysis. The support of XY’s SKU experts is furthermore aimed at increasing effectiveness and efficiency of internal processes that are not always directly visible to the client.

XY experts are involved when extraordinary aspects are to be implemented as well as in day-by-day activities. They have a track record working for clients with large global estates with a consolidated experience that let them address topics that involve many countries and jurisdictions worldwide.

Specialist support from XY experts is available to complement the competencies brought in by the estate owner’s preferred parties and trusted advisors when facing challenging questions or while implementing ordinary or extraordinary solutions. In line with XY’s choice to remain independent, the objective is to support the estate owner’s consultant with factual elements, keeping a neutral position in the sole interest of the estate owner.

For job opportunities, please submit your CV in English to recruitment@xy.net
Swiss specialist knowledge unit at XY
Swiss specialist knowledge unit at XY