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Global estate orchestration services are delivered worldwide by a unique team of XY consultants specialized in investment strategy, overall coordination and large estate monitoring. Working at XY HUBs, they address the needs of individual XY clients via dedicated client liaison units (CLUs).

XY consultants bring expertise from the top international management consulting firms and wealth management companies. They combine seasoned experience in addressing complex asset and liability management issues with an ability to present the status and evolution of an entire estate in the detail of all its components in a uniquely simple and clear manner. They ensure that the right strategic questions are posed and relevant operational aspects are taken into account at all times, while coordinating third parties such as asset managers and trusted advisors involved at an operative level.

Consultancy to large estate owners is based on objectivity and rationality, valuing facts above opinions, using proven and continuously enriched methodologies. In line with the company’s mission to bring a scientific approach to wealth management, more than a third of XY consultants have an academic background in scientific disciplines.

For job opportunities, please submit your CV in English to recruitment@xy.net
Swiss client liaison unit at XY
Swiss client liaison unit at XY
UK client liaison unit at XY