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Scientists developing XY’s proprietary technologies


Cutting edge databases, algorithms and applications for estate orchestration (EO-Tech) are all developed in-house at XY LABs in Switzerland, by a world-class team of scientists that have been working together for a considerable length of time, bringing expertise in quantum physics and information technology, software engineering and applied mathematics.

XY scientists are at the bleeding edge of the technological frontier. They are exposed to the latest advances in financial technologies and software management methodologies, while being continuously informed to comply with the highest standards for the development and operation of ultra-high-performance, secure and robust, end-to-end solutions encompassing acquisition, verification, aggregation, processing and presentation of big data in the wealth management ecosystem.

XY scientists work in a modern workplace, designed to stimulate creativity and productivity. With different working areas equipped to support their activities within the LABs, scientist have the freedom and flexibility to work in teams organized with proven agile methodologies.

For job opportunities, please submit your CV in English to recruitment@xy.net
Scientists working at XY in Switzerland
Developing technologies at XY LABs in Switzerland