XY - EO-Tech


EVA is a uniquely powerful instrument, designed to provide an all-new user-friendly and intuitive navigation experience to estate owners. It displays real-time wealth management data and supports client-driven queries and sharing of information.

EVA stands for disruptive innovation and unparalleled performance. It is the ultimate result of a massive effort that has kept XY scientists and IT experts at work for over a decade. To establish its building blocks took over 110,000 man-hours.

EVA establishes control and accountability through automatic monitoring of assets and liabilities, computer-assisted real-time reporting and systematic reconciliation of bank errors. Furthermore, EVA’s algorithms go as far as to simulate scenarios deriving from strategic decisions and draft guidelines for their implementation.


EVA is the world’s first estate orchestration technology (EO-Tech), processing big data in the exclusive interest of estate owners. Massive volumes of transactional data are directly transmitted in real time to XY’s servers by the financial institutions worldwide. Issues are addressed instantly, at the very moment they appear on EVA’s well-guarded horizon. As an end-to-end data intelligence solution, EVA is seamlessly supported by best-in-breed algorithms developed by XY scientists.

Featuring a user-friendly, intuitive and visually appealing application layer, EVA supports direct interrogation by estate owners, who can now efficiently navigate information at their discretion. It is interrogated by XY clients and XY consultants alike, and it places the information required at their fingertips with the level of detail and type of elaboration requested. EVA’s action is facilitated and organized via cardinal modules such as Root, Analysis, Board and Strategy.

A user-friendly, intuitive and visually appealing application layer


ROOT focuses on the key aspect of data acquisition: accuracy. Anomalies detected in the data are instantly communicated to the relevant financial institutions. Errors are exposed both in summary and in a detailed reconciliation history.

A transparent view is offered of how effectively each error is being addressed, supporting the user’s investigation at any time, to whatever extent is required.


ANALYSIS assists clients in the design of their own, customized cockpit, allowing swift generation and processing of enquiries.

Volumes of information become available in real time, while accessing relevant data and setting up tailor-made specifications for navigation becomes quick and effortless for XY specialists and clients alike.


BOARD guarantees the periodic delivery of high-quality and totally tailor-made reports to the clients’ boards.

Freed from the possibility of human error, reports are prepared for them via automatic processes carried out in the secure and controlled environment of computer-assisted content generation.


STRATEGY forecasts the hypothetical outlook to be expected from strategic choices and market evolution.

It is the module that uses predictive modeling algorithms to simulate possible scenarios deriving from the estate owners’ decisions and assists in the identification of guidelines for the implementation of the strategies.