XY is a pioneering technology company specialized in independent data intelligence and strategy consulting services for high-end wealth management, providing global estate orchestration for families, corporate organizations and governments.

XY’s game-changing approach unleashes powerful financial technology in the sole interest of estate owners, with unique capabilities ranging from real-time reporting to predictive simulations.

XY’s exclusive monitoring and consulting services leverage the company’s unique capabilities to provide estate owners with easy access to rich and fact-based knowledge. They are immediately placed in the position to see what is happening across their entire estate, gaining insight into its real performance with visibility down to precise detail of the individual investment – whether financial or real.

Supported by XY’s technology and experts, estate owners can take informed decisions based on factual elements and a scientific methodology applied to wealth management.  Swift availability of accurate data, instant sharing of critical information and harmonized aggregated reporting extends benefits to their trusted advisors without causing any disruption to activities, established relations and processes.

XY mission


'Placing estate owners back at the center in high-end wealth management, bringing global orchestration and control to large estates as independent referee driving the data intelligence revolution in finance.'

XY is committed as per statutory statements to remain independent at all times and abstains from serving, representing or entering commercial partnerships with financial institutions or their controlled entities.

XY was created to provide data intelligence surrounding the governing of large estates, while leveraging best-in-class technologies to establish transparency. The company aspires to be a clear and objective reference for estate owners as their partner in dealing with all challenges posed by fortunes of great magnitude.

Above all – as a strategic consultant and wealth management advisor – XY strives to provide an understanding of what must be done for the estate’s preservation.