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XY’s game-changing approach to global estate orchestration is based on an innovative business model that commands extremely challenging prerequisites to be met for its viability. The path towards transparency and rationality in the governing of large estates did not happen overnight.

The path towards XY


Understanding an industry’s issue

Initially a nuclear physicist at CERN and then a top management consultant at BCG, Daniele Migani is called upon to join the wealth management industry as vice president in a private bank focusing on high net worth families. While the mandate is to apply his scientific expertise to digital finance and drive the development of new and leading edge technologies to empower the banking world, exposure to patent cases of conflict of interest and lack of transparency leads him to mature an understanding of the industry’s deep-rooted contradictions.


A groundbreaking idea

A new vision for governing large estates arises from the discussions within a group of experts questioning the finance industry’s transparency towards clients and the availability of high-quality data. The idea is to rethink the trust model from the estate owners’ point of view, by introducing an entirely new and fundamental player: an independent referee who can provide data intelligence support by leveraging state-of-the-art technology. Empowered by this and the privilege to monitor relevant estate-related flows and positions in real-time, its role is to elaborate information from the estate owners’ perspective, using a scientific approach.


A viable business model

Daniele Migani conceives his radically innovative business model based on the development of an independent data intelligence platform operating with groundbreaking algorithms and fed with big data in real time. It is to be managed by a new player entitled to check on all relevant third party data, providing tailored monitoring services, strategic consultancy and project management support.

XY offices, external view


Working with large estate data

By now, Daniele Migani has founded and is CEO of Maetrica, a company specialized in high quality measures and intelligence services for large private estates. Counterparts are exposed to the idea of independent technology-enabled control applied to wealth management. The remarkable team of experts he works with is to become instrumental in the future development of XY’s scientific laboratories, which today are a world-class reference for leading-edge research on estate orchestration technologies.


Ramping up services

A suite of proprietary algorithms had been developed and fine-tuned over the years for the technology-assisted control of large estates. Working exclusively for a growing number of ultra-high net worth individuals, a range of specialized services is being conceived, developed and tested. These service offerings have been maintained over the years, as clients have come to rely on these unbiased resources for measuring investment performance, analyzing risk and simulating scenarios for the drafting of estate evolution roadmaps, while constantly checking on the accuracy of third parties’ reports down to the detail of single transactions.

XY proprietary algorithms

The XY era


Pursuing the highest quality standards

Authorizations obtained to date include those of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), with European Passport authorizations in several European countries, and various local authorizations. In Switzerland, XY is supervised by the self-regulatory organization OAD-FCT recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).


XY’s Cartesian axes symbolize the value of rationality

A new and disruptive business model goes live. The XY brand is launched with the foundation of a new company advocating transparency and objectivity in asset and liability management. A new player is born, independent from all financial players, specialized in providing global estate orchestration free from conflict of interest, focusing on the needs of ultra-high net worth individuals, large organizations and governments.

XY London, 3 St. James’s Square


Accomplishing full automation of client data feed

XY’s independent technology and data intelligence services enact the ultimate paradigm shift in end-to-end management of estate data by sourcing information directly from finance institutions and harmonizing metrics adopted by the different operators. This allows high quality measurements to become viable through cutting-edge algorithms, efficiently and in real time.


International expansion at full speed

After establishing its headquarters and laboratories in Switzerland, XY inaugurates a series of new international flagship offices in the world’s capitals of finance. XY Hubs are created at the heart of London, Zurich and New York, with teams of XY experts fronting new client delivery units at prestigious addresses such as 3 St. James’s Square in London, Bahnhofstrasse 100 in Zurich and 375 Park Avenue in New York, while other branch offices are active in different continents.

EVA: a quantum leap in evolution


Launch of EVA

XY bridges the information gap between financial institutions and estate owners that sees the latter kept in the dark when trying to access factual information about their estates according to their requirements. Giving birth to EVA, the world’s first estate orchestration technology (EO-Tech) platform, XY introduces an end-to-end data intelligence solution, seamlessly supported by best-in-breed algorithms developed by its scientists. Featuring a user-friendly, intuitive and visually appealing application layer, EVA supports direct interrogation by estate owners, who can now efficiently navigate information at their discretion. Well ahead of the latest and most performing fintech systems, EVA is a quantum leap in technology evolution and supports global estate orchestration as an end-to-end data solution. It is interrogated by XY clients and XY consultants alike, and it places the information required at their fingertips with the level of detail and type of elaboration requested.

XY New York: 375 Park Avenue


Driving change in global wealth management

XY addresses the imbalance in the relationship between estate owners and third parties such as financial institutions, asset managers and specialized operators by providing the former with the same powerful data intelligence necessary to operate in their benefit. This disruptive approach to asset and liability management has seen the company establish its position in the high-end wealth management arena as an unbiased source of actionable information describing estates activities in a transparent and intelligible way.