Bahnhofstrasse 88 is prestige premises for XY center addressing mainland Europe

Zürich, June 30, 2017 – XY, an international group specialized in strategic consulting and the control of large estates, announces the creation of its new flagship office in Zürich as center for the delivery of Estate Orchestration services to clients across mainland Europe. Located at the prestigious address of Bahnhofstrasse 88, XY takes over the top office floor of the Hiltl Dachterrasse building, with premises overlooking the Pestalozzi square, on the opposite side of Zürich’s historic upmarket department store Globus.

After increasing its UK presence last year, with a move to its new London offices in 3 St. James’s Square in Westminster, XY gives further shape to its international expansion triggered by the robust and rising demand for its unique services granting transparency and accountability in wealth management. Zürich is not only at the heart of Europe and a major global finance hub, but a city that ranks highly amongst the world’s top locations in global wealth reports. Its ultra-high net worth resident population accounts for combined highest numbers and density.

XY Zurich building

“We address mainland Europe from one of the world’s most renowned capitals of the high-end wealth management industry, with the mission to bring radical change to the trust models applied in the governing and control of the world’s largest private fortunes and public sector estates,” says Daniele Migani, Founder and CEO of XY. “We have had a strong local presence in Switzerland for many years, with three Hubs created to address our exclusive and growing clientele. With the establishment of a major center in Zürich, we can deliver global estate orchestration services to an expanding basis of clients in the years to come both domestically and across mainland Europe.”

As a global player leveraging disruptive technologies and pioneer of estate orchestration technologies (EO-Tech), XY offers independent data intelligence to estate owners, bringing them the wealth of real-time, fact-based knowledge. Its expanding activities are streamlined through points of presence in major financial capitals in four different continents and flagship offices specifically addressing regional markets with a stronger corporate presence. Main corporate offices are now established in London, Zürich, Chiasso and New York.

Picture below - Collective ribbon cutting ceremony at XY's new flagship office in Zurich: the Rt. Hon. Lord Barker of Battle - UK Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change under David Cameron, the Hon. Suvi Lindén - Special Envoy for the UN’s ITU Broadband Commission and Finland’s former Communications and Transport Minister, Dr. Gerald Santucci - Directorate, General Information Society, European Commission, Prince Joachim Murat, Princess Ilka zur Lippe, Mr Franco Tatò – former CEO of Enel and Mondadori, Bernard Didier - Founder of Morpho, Prof. Gustafson and Arnim von Schwedler, with Daniele Migani, founder and CEO of XY and Sophie Boyer de la Giroday, Partner at XY.

XY Zurich building