Lord Barker of Battle participates in meeting with XY Advisory Board members

New York and Zurich, September 14, 2017 – XY, an international group specialized in strategic consulting and the control of large estates, welcomed the Hon. Rt. Lord Gregory Barker of Battle, former Minister of Energy in the United Kingdom, on the occasion of a meeting organized today at the newly inaugurated flagship office in Zürich. Lord Barker met with select guests and members of the XY Advisory Board such as Suvi Lindén, former Minister of Communications Finland, Bernard Didier, Gérald Santucci, Franco Tatò and Professor Bo Gustafson.

Lord Barker is a member of the Finance Transparency Forum, a special interest working group created by Wise Media with policy makers from around the world aiming to study the far reaching ramifications of digital transformation in the area of cashless transactions, algorithmic trading, financial technologies and crypto-currencies. Having advocated over the years for improved funding methodologies in support of sustainable development initiatives aimed at contrasting dangerous man-made climate change, Lord Barker commented on the importance to accept that large centralized energy assets, such as the use of traditional fossil fuels, are not the way of the future. “We need to force the pace now,” he said “for new projects to be of a scale that attracts investment. At the same time stakeholders need to ensure full end-to-end transparency of money flows so that the potential for corruption and malfeasance, which could be just as much a problem in developing countries as it has been in the developed world, becomes a thing of the past. This calls for methodologies, technologies and regulations to establish control and accountability throughout the industry itself and its financial ecosystem. Advanced data technologies, and even artificial intelligence, are likely to play a role in securing that an adequate framework is established for gaining the necessary trust of investors and future program effectiveness.”

“The meeting organized for XY Advisory Board members to visit our new flagship office and meet with Lord Barker follows on to the recent inauguration of XY’s new Zürich headquarters at the prestigious address of Bahnhofstrasse 88,” says Daniele Migani, Founder and CEO of XY. “After increasing our UK presence last year, with a move to XY’s new London offices in 3 St. James’s Square in Westminster, our Group gives further shape to its international expansion, triggered by the robust and rising demand for its unique services granting transparency and accountability in wealth management. Our office in Zürich acts as a center for the delivery of Estate Orchestration services to clients across mainland Europe and as global sales headquarters for clients from around the world.”

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