Chiasso, August 29, 2016 – XY, an international group specialized in strategic consulting and the control of large estates, presents EVA, a unique and exclusive data intelligence solution for ultra-high net worth individuals, large organizations and governments worldwide who seek unbiased services free from conflict of interest.

XY bridges the information gap between financial institutions and estate owners that sees the latter kept in the dark when trying to access factual information about their estates according to their requirements. Giving birth to EVA, the world’s first estate orchestration technology (EO-Tech) platform, XY introduces an end-to-end data intelligence solution, seamlessly supported by best-in-breed algorithms developed by its scientists.

EVA is a uniquely powerful instrument, designed to provide an all-new user-friendly and intuitive navigation experience to estate owners. It displays real-time wealth management data and supports client-driven interrogations and sharing of information.

“EVA stands for end-to-end vision and action,” says Daniele Migani, Founder and CEO of XY S.A. “From now on, the estate owner’s vision and strategy can be supported in real-time by independent data intelligence, and an all new layer for control and strategic direction is created for the specific wealth management ecosystem already in place. This derives from a unique value proposition that sees XY fully in the position to assist high-end clients of wealth management services and financial products as an independent advisor and referee.”

Featuring a user-friendly, intuitive and visually appealing application layer, EVA supports direct interrogation by estate owners, who can now efficiently navigate information at their discretion. Well ahead of the latest and most performing fintech systems, EVA is a quantum leap in technology evolution and supports global estate orchestration as an end-to-end data solution. It is interrogated by XY clients and XY consultants alike, and it places the information required at their fingertips with the level of detail and type of elaboration requested.