Keynote at government event and XY Advisory Board meeting in Paris with Major General Hagemann, Deputy Commander of NATO’s Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ RRC-FR)

New York and Paris, April 25, 2018 – XY, an international group specialized in strategic consulting and the control of large estates, and Wise Media, established advisor of prime public and private sector organizations on topic areas of the digital economy, announce that Major General Gert-Johannes Hagemann, Deputy Commander of NATO’s Headquarters Rapid Reaction Corps (HQ RRC-FR) in Lille, France, has joined the XY Advisory Board, the independent initiative that XY promotes together with Wise Media as of 2016.

On April 25, Sophie Boyer de la Giroday, President of Wise Media and Chariman of the XY Advisory Board, was invited to deliver a keynote on the status of identity programs worldwide at a high-profile gathering of public officials held under the Patronage of the French Prime Minister and attended by the Minister of Interior, Minister of justice and the Secretary of State in charge of the digital agenda. The event was held in Paris for an exclusive audience of government representatives, policy makers and public sector officials from across France. On this occasion, a meeting with select members of the XY Advisory Board was held to discuss the far reaching implications of the digital transformation of today’s society, focusing on the topics of cyber-crime and cyberwarfare, as well as emerging concerns in relation to technology evolution as reflected in the Cambridge Analytica case.

“Domestic security agencies and international defense organizations established to uphold the safety and security of the world’s population have ramped up new strategies to increase the resilience of critical infrastructures, as they must withstand new threats from outside and inside the nations’ territories, in the real and digital dimensions,” says Major General Hagemann. “They will also consequently turn to the latest data technologies in an effort to modernize the way safety and security can be ensured in the digital era. With artificial intelligence coming of age, it is possible to redefine our approach in a holistic way. The task for decision makers and technology experts is to develop adequate strategies, capabilities and even algorithms which allow transition from a traditional defensive ‘rapid response’ type approach to a proactive one. Gearing up data technologies and leaning on artificial intelligence may indeed offer a viable new means to interpret risk scenarios as they evolve, in order to proactively identify and address emerging threats before they develop beyond the possibility of planning effective countermeasures. By offering powerful capabilities to support modeling, simulation and in-depth analysis to interpret facts within complex and dynamic scenarios, data technologies will play a key role wherever it is necessary to make risk factors and anomalous events immediately visible and understood. Artificial intelligence may well become a critical concurring factor in the individual and collaborative efforts undertaken by nations worldwide to ensure that the economic, financial and cultural dimensions of our societies are well preserved and protected.”

XY Cyber Security  strengthens

“Major General Hagemann brings to the table a unique perspective that will help understand the big picture of today’s security challenges,” says Daniele Migani, Founder and CEO of XY. “The XY Advisory Board was created to bring together industry leaders and luminaries in key disciplines with government sector representatives in a strategic effort to develop a new trust model for the global digital economy. Increasing the resilience of infrastructures underpinning the functionality of the digital economy is one of the cornerstone topics that must be addressed on an ongoing basis by governments and corporate organizations alike. While cyberwarfare has emerged as one of the greatest threats faced by the forces working for international peace and stability, cyber crime is of paramount concern for today’s public and private sector players worldwide.”

“Data technologies provide powerful instruments for analyzing risk factors and interpreting data early on, exposing patterns we can recognize in our effort to predict risk scenarios,” says Sophie Boyer de la Giroday, President of Wise Media and Partner at XY. “They furthermore support decision makers by providing new tools to assist them in the complex task of adapting intervention strategies and cutting response times, as predictive scenarios reveal potentially harmful and even catastrophic events forming beyond the horizon. On the other hand, the case of Cambridge Analytica shows that our societies are at a turning point and are no longer willing to accept the use of all this technology without protection of sensitive personal data. It is interesting to see that GDPR, the European data protection regulation, is appreciated in the United States. But this is just a first step in the direction of redefining our very concept of privacy and data protection. We will eventually mature a new appreciation of what information is to be considered part of our identity and should be protected for the sake of the dignity of the citizen’s digital persona.”

The XY Advisory Board engages key figures from the world of business with global expertise in top management and industrial processes, luminaries in economics and societal development and scientists fathering disruptive technology innovation. Their contribution strengthens the effort of the government representatives and policy makers from around the world engaged over the years in Wise Media’s Finance Transparency Forum.

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