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XY is an independent international group specialized in strategic consulting, controlled and led by its founder as a pioneering proponent of a methodology that is currently transforming governance in high-end wealth management to the benefit of estate owners. The company is 100% privately held and management owned.

An Advisory Board of thought leaders with sound expertise in science, senior management, strategy consulting, finance and markets supports the company’s strategic development worldwide.

XY's founder and CEO

Daniele Migani

Daniele Migani, Founder and CEO of XY

As a strategy consultant and acclaimed scientist of international standing, Daniele Migani has more than 15 years’ experience in top management consulting and wealth management gained from senior positions held across Europe. A prize-winning nuclear physicist and researcher with CERN in Geneva and then management consultant at BCG in his early years, he has subsequently gained world-class expertise in the strategic governance of large private fortunes, as well as corporate and institutional estates, introducing a disruptive methodology leveraging technology-assisted monitoring and control, as well as strategic intelligence acquired by processing big data.

A high-profile committee

XY Advisory Board

Personalities from the world of business with global expertise in top management and industrial processes, policy makers and luminaries engaged in accompanying the introduction of state-of-the-art technology and inventors fathering disruptive innovation form a strong basis – as XY’s Advisory Board – from which to support the company’s strategic development on all levels.