XY - Group
XY: commitment to transparency and independence


XY operates in line with the highest quality standards and is committed to transparency and independence in all aspects of its work in accordance with its Code of Ethics and framework for working with all internal and external parties without conflict of interest. Ethical conduct is a hallmark of any profession and XY encourages the highest professional standards in this regard, requiring all its employees to meet these standards by complying with the code’s principles and guidelines.

Cornerstone principles, which form the basis of XY’s Code of Ethics, specify the expected conduct when working with other people: handling business negotiations, addressing customer feedback, dealing with negative events, even managing diversity situations requires a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.

All XY employees at all levels and in any country are required to comply with fundamental principles in the interest of its clients, its external parties, its colleagues and the company in general. These include integrity and objectivity in all business relationships and judgments, competence in all work practices and diligence in maintaining up-to-date knowledge and skills to a professional standard. In addition, compliance with laws and regulations, a strict adherence to confidentiality and avoidance of actions that could discredit company, colleagues or clients, are also embedded in XY's Code of Ethics.

Overall, XY’s Code of Ethics cements the company’s philosophy of diligence and unbiased approach, requiring its employees to fulfill their professional commitments in a timely and thorough manner, taking due care in planning, designing, delivering and supervising professional services both externally and internally.