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Key figures from the world of business with global expertise in top management and industrial processes, policy makers and luminaries engaged in accompanying the introduction of state-of-the-art technology and inventors fathering disruptive innovation form a strong basis – as members of a think tank advocating for transparency in finance – from which to support the company’s strategic development on all levels.


Fen Osler Hampson

Director Global Security & Politics program
Co-Director of the Global Commission on Internet Governance at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, Toronto

A distinguished fellow of CIGI (Centre for International Governance Innovation), Dr Fen Osler Hampson is director of CIGI’s Global Security & Politics program and co-director of the Global Commission on Internet Governance.

Most recently, he served as director of the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) and continues to serve as Chancellor’s Professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

Dr Fen Osler Hampson holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University where he also received his A.M. degree (both with distinction). He also holds an MSc. (Econ.) degree (with distinction) from the London School of Economics and a B.A. (Hon.) from the University of Toronto.

A fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, he is the past recipient of various awards and honors, including a Research and Writing Award from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and a Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship from the United States Institute of Peace (a non-partisan, congressionally-funded think tank) in Washington, D.C.

He has also taught at Georgetown University as a visiting professor.

Fen Hampson is the author or co-author of 11 books and editor or co-editor of 27 other volumes. In addition, he has written more than 100 articles and book chapters on international affairs. His most recent book is Look Who’s Watching: Surveillance, Treachery and Trust Online (with Eric Jardine), which was published in July 2016 by the Centre for International Governance Innovation.


Suvi Lindén

Former Minister Communications and Transportation, Finland
UN Broadband Commission

The Hon. Suvi Lindén was Finland’s Minister of Communications and Transportation in 2007-2011 and was previously Minister of Culture, 1999-2002.

In Parliament she has been Chair of the Education and Culture Committee, and Vice Chair of the parliamentary group of the National Coalition Party. She has also been Member of the Speaker’s Council, and a number of key government committees.

Suvi Lindén was appointed UN Special Envoy to the ITU Broadband Commission for Digital Development in 2010.


Gérald Santucci

Directorate General Information Society
European Commission

Dr Gérald Santucci has worked in the Information Society and Media Directorate-General of the European Commission since 1986. He is a renowned expert on topics such as Internet-of-Things, Big Data and the Digital Revolution.

In 2007, he was appointed Head of the Unit Networked Enterprise RFID. The unit’s portfolio includes some 50 R&D projects, grouped around two clusters, which address the development of ICT-based systems supporting the Future Internet Networked Enterprise and the shift from contactless technologies towards the Internet of Things.

A speaker at international summits worldwide, he is a prolific author addressing scientific communities and policy makers, lately gaining additional recognition also as a successful novelist addressing the general public.

Gérald Santucci also chaired the Expert Group on the Internet of Things at the European Commission.


Ali Al Khouri

Vice-Chairman of the Arab Union for E-Commerce, League of Arab States
Director General at UAE Ministry of Interior

Dr Ali Mohamed Al Khouri is currently the vice-Chairman of the Arab Union for E-Commerce, a technical arm of the Arab Economic Unity Council, League of Arab States. He also works as a Director-General in UAE Ministry of Interior.

Dr Ali Al Khouri was the Director General of Emirates Identity Authority between 2009 and 2015. He was responsible for forming and leading a team to develop Emirates ID’s strategic plan for 2010 - 2013. This included organizational restructuring and business process reengineering of key operations, thereby reducing the cost of the Authority’s production line by about 70% within the first two years. It also helped enhance efficiency, outputs and the quality of customer service provided by the Authority.

Dr Al-Khouri is a professor and fellow of the British Institute for Technology and E-commerce in London. He is also a member of many teaching faculties in British Universities and of several academic committees, as well as being an advisor to EU, UN, and WEF.

Monitoring market trends


Franco Tatò

Former CEO of Enel and Mondadori

Franco Tatò has a unique international track record, being formerly President and CEO of Enel and Mondadori.

His career as President and CEO of prime companies worldwide spans across a variety of industry segments.

Having served as President and/or CEO of pioneering companies such as IT giant Olivetti, media conglomerates like Mondadori, RCS Mediagroup and Treccani, world renowned fashion brands such as Prada, national energy companies such as Enel, global FMCG players in food and retail such as Nuova Parmalat, his insights about the economy’s outlook are often sought for by the general media across Europe.


Bernard Didier

Founder, Morpho

French scientist and entrepreneur Bernard Didier is the founder of Morpho Systèmes (later Safran Morpho). He created a leading company in the development and production of biometric systems for national and civil security, and led its growth from 1982 as CEO and Executive VP until it reached close to 9000 employees in over 40 countries in 2015.

Today, Morpho sees more than one hundred different countries use its technologies, with prestigious references such as those of the BKA (Bundeskriminalmat), Interpol, or the FBI. The company has established its position as world leader in biometric identification technologies also because of its role in groundbreaking projects such as the Indian citizen ID project driven by the UIDAI.

Bernard Didier started his career teaching and leading research projects at the Centre de Recherches en Informatique of the École Nationale Supérieures des Mines in Paris after completing his studies in engineering. In 1977 he cofounded SINAC.

Bernard Didier is recognized internationally as one of the biometrics industry’s luminaries and was awarded twice with one of the auto ID industry’s Oscards - with the ID Trail Blazer Award at the fifth ID WORLD International Congress in Milan in 2006 and with the Hall of Fame Award in 2010. Awarded with the Prix de l’Ingénieur of the inventor Marius-Lavet in 2012, he is also a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur.


Tom Miller

Director, Stuart & Deville
Partner, The Sage Group

Tom Miller, former President of Intermec and a Partner in The Sage Group, is the Director responsible for the delivery of strategy consulting services at Stuart & Deville Consulting, an international consulting firm headquartered in New York City, serving both private and public entities that are active in the fields of security, ID and mobility.

Focusing on the company’s client base involved in mobile computing, RFID wireless systems and data capture solutions, Tom Miller is responsible for the delivery of intellectual property services, including The Sage Group’s value transformation program offered to owners of private companies and boards of publicly held companies to accelerate company performance to create higher levels of economic value.

As president of Intermec, Tom Miller was a leader in the AIDC industry in 2004 and 2005 and a corporate officer in Unova, its parent company. Tom Miller began his career in the automated data collection industry with Norand in 1982 and was a member of the executive team that sold Norand a $240M public traded company to Western Atlas in 1997. He served as President of Norand from 1997 to 1999 and led the organization during its integration and merger with Intermec, a division of Western Atlas/Unova. Miller serves on the Board of Directors for Infologix and is also on the Board of Socket Mobility. Tom Miller is past Chairman of AIM and a member of the AIDC100 organization.

XY Advisory Board


Åke Gustafson

Swedish inventor

Åke Gustafson is the father of disruptive innovations that led to the global diffusion of revolutionary products such as the Tetra Pak and Car Immobilizer through efficient and reliable mass production processes.

After having invented the process behind the paper brick that led Tetra Pak to conquer the global market and succeed in its mission to “package all edible fluids” and more, Åke Gustafson brought to life another revolutionary process that led to the creation of a new market and its dominance. In 1977 he purchased Sokymat and industrialized the automatic assembly of the first RFID (radio frequency identification) tags manufactured with his patented ‘direct bonding’ technique.

This innovative approach at a production level led to the creation of automotive transponders for car immobilizers (electronic keys) of which Sokymat became world leading supplier until Sokymat’s automotive division was sold to the Swatch Group.

Today, Åke Gustafson still explores the most advanced territories for technology-led product innovation, investing in high tech ventures such as the American GPS company DataGrid and new processes for the manufacturing of low-cost roofing structures for the underpriviledged.


Sara Srivrastava

Head of Emerging Tech & Emerging Economies, ITU’s Standardization Bureau

With a diverse professional background spanning the public sector, business and academia, and a current particular focus on innovation in banking, Dr. Lara Srivastava has been monitoring and analyzing new technologies and their impact on telecom regulation, economics and market structure for over 20 years, and most recently at the International Telecommunication Union (the UN agency for information and communication technologies).

She served as Head of New Initiatives and Emerging Tech at ITU’s Standardization Bureau, which deals with topics ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to future networks, intelligent transport and blockchain. At ITU, she previously managed the organization’s first technology foresight program, during which she initiated work on the Internet of Things, as lead author of the 2005 landmark international report on the IoT. She is a qualified Canadian lawyer, holds a Juris Doctor (JD) in media & telecommunications law, an MSc in Technology Policy and a PhD in Technology Design and Innovation.

She began her career in the industry at the CRTC (Canada’s broadcasting and telecoms regulator) before pursuing media and telecoms consulting with Analysys Mason. She has worked with the World Bank and tried her hand at internet start-ups in the ASP and digital identity spaces. She has also taught at various universities on subjects ranging from media law and regulation to communications strategies.


Richard Kerby

Former Senior Inter-Regional Adviser, UN DESA (Dept. of Economic & Social Affairs)

Richard Kerby is a senior strategist with a successful track record of advising national administrations across the world at the levels of Heads of State, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister and Director Generals on ICT for Development, focusing on financial and technical value. He is skilled in transforming strategic plans into workable policy solutions, benchmarking performance against sustainable development goals, operational goals and international targets to accelerate and deliver digital transformation initiatives.

His expertise spans across the subject areas of Digital Government, Sustainable Development Goals, Integrated e-Services, Open Innovation, Policy Dialogue, Open Data and Big Data, Citizen Engagement and Blockchain Technology. Richard Kerby has held many posts at the United Nations since joining in 1984. Most recently, from 2004 to 2017, he was Senior Inter-Regional Adviser on e-Government and Knowledge Management at the United Nations Department of Economic & Social Affairs (UN DESA).

Among other responsibilities, he was a key contributor to the creation, measurement, analysis, writing and publication of the UN eGovernment Survey used to benchmark development and accelerate public sector digital transformation, and led over 120 advisory missions in 34 countries including emerging, developed, developing, least developed, land-locked countries and Small Island Development States. He designed and successfully implemented a suite of e-government capacity building tools covering Open Data, Open Innovation, Citizen Engagement and Social Media to accelerate knowledge. As of June 2016, Richard Kerby is President of Richard Kerby LLC.


Sophie Boyer de la Giroday

President, Wise Media
Partner, XY

Sophie Boyer de la Giroday is a Partner at XY and chairs the XY Advisory Board. She is President of Wise Media and founded a number of media and consulting businesses in Europe and the US as of year 2000, starting with On Publishing in Bruxelles and Wise Media in Milan, followed by Wise Media and Stuart & Deville in New York and Wise Media in Zurich.

As publisher of a series of internationally renowned sources of information addressing specialist communities about current developments in IT, electronics manufacturing, global security and the digital economy she launched multiple initiatives across continents, endorsed by the European Commission and under the Patronage of government ministries in the various hosting countries. Some of those initiatives have been sold to Frankfurt Exhibitions in 2011.

Sophie Boyer de la Giroday’s interests and business create multi-channel media platforms that focus on ICT driven innovation and its impact on societal development. They actively engage a global audience of public and private sector decision makers.

The XY Advisory Board was created by Wise Media and XY as an independent, non political initiative supporting the multi-disciplinary effort of the Finance Transparency Forum. It is open to scientists, decision makers and key influencers engaged in strengthening the trust models governing today’s transactions, commerce and investments.

Contact XY Advisory Board at info@financetransparency.org